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MINA’s story



Hey (:

I’m Mina – a master computer science student, a freelancer, a backend developer for a company and a blogger. But honestly: years back I had no idea that I would end up getting here 😀

I went to a girls school where only a couple of girls were interested in computer science. Back then I wanted to study marine biology until in 10th grade I fell in love with coding. 🐠💻

I had to motivate a handfull of girls in my class to do the computer science course with me – otherwise the course wouldn’t have taken place because we wouldn’t have met the minimum attendance. It was the first time I realised that computer science doesn’t seems to be a ‘girl thing’.. But also at that point I noticed that it not only gives me joy learning more about coding, but that I’m also good at sparking that joy within others. 🥰

When I finished my bachelor studies I started my freelancing business and my blog to spark this joy in my client’s projects & other human beings who want to walk the same path. 👩‍💻

For me programming is as close to magic as it can get. We use source code as our ‘spells’. We’re able to move things without touching them, we are able to do things at a supernatural speed and are able to create systems that are able to predict the future. We are able to change the world. How cool is it being part of that?! ✨

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