Our international community is made up of some really awesome students and strong-minded professionals. Our mission is to promote technological education among women.


How it all started

The Techie Girls community was born in 2017 by the initiative of 4 student girls pursuing a degree in Computer Science. These girls were brought together by the overwhelming male majority among their peers within their generation and the previous ones.

What’s going on?

The fact that a genre gap exists not only at the academic level but also in the work environments became the obvious trigger to found the Techie Girls community. The clear mission was to provide support and mentorship to fellow female students as well as to promote this career path as a valid option to many girls that are unaware of the potential opportunities that are and will be available to them. A strong community started to grow at an unexpected rate, not only locally but also internationally, the good will of its members was overwhelming and the lack of an adequate forum to express a situation that repeated in each and every country became self-evident.


Our aim

After establishing a presence in many platforms and attending several events, today, the Techie Girls community aims to encourage more fellow women into tech, to mentor them, facilitate their access to accurate and interesting information and to promote the value of diversity, inclusion and equality in the Tech sector.


Techie Girls is currently present in both Latin America and Europe.