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KELLYN’s story



«Hello! My name is Kellyn! I’m in love with education, technology and personal development. I graduated in Pedagogy but decided to change everything to be a software developer. There are a few reasons that started me on this journey: first, I always enjoyed it a lot.  of technology, but I was disappointed that I couldn’t solve it myself, as I didn’t have the necessary knowledge. 

Another reason is that this is a career that gives you many possibilities, you can choose between different programming areas and also many work environments.  Programming is a lot of fun.

Writing code is a creative process, there are several ways to do the same things and different tools and languages, and last but not least, being a Software developer you have the ability to create something that can be  useful to others: software transforms and makes people’s lives easier and directly or indirectly we  making a difference to those who use them.» – @kellynvd

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