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Clemence’s story



🙋🏻‍♀️ Hi there ! Let me tell you about my love story with the human side of tech.

I’m currently a freelance UX Designer, and I had a winding journey…

👩🏻‍💻I studied Software Engineering. Got through school fairly easily, but I knew I didn’t have the same passion for computers as others. I felt different, and didn’t make many friends there. When I started we were 10 girls and at graduation, I was the only one. 

🤔Programming was not exactly my cup of tea. But I was not ready to give up so I started to work for a large telecommunication company. By entering the workplace, I was AMAZED to discover the diversity of roles in the tech world, especially « supporting roles » like Scrum Master and Product Owner. This made me realize I was more interested to know about how humans work, than how machines work. I became passionate about “the human side of tech”. I got involved in organizational change, acted as a facilitator, organized dev conferences, transformed the office space…

🤷🏻‍♀️But one thing often bothered me. We were developing products, and I did not understand the purpose behind them: why are we doing this? Who’s using it? Is it really useful? That’s when I got interested in UX Design. I wanted to help define useful products for people and for the world. And that’s what I did!

🚀With the support of my company, I put all my energy learning how to design products. Later on, I started working as a freelancer and I’ve been doing it ever since. Today, I have a sense of fulfillment: I study humans, I design solutions for them, and I work with developers to make the magic happen. Plus, working as a freelancer allows me to have the work-life balance I need: adapting my schedule to my needs, working from different locations and managing my own finances.

👉To all the girls out there: the tech world is a BEAUTIFUL place to evolve in because it is flexible and open minded. It’s a place where you can shape your own role to fit who you are. If a technical role fulfills you, go for it! We need you. But if not, don’t forget about the human side of tech 💁🏻‍♀️” – @storiesbyclem

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