Our international community is made up of some really awesome students and strong-minded professionals. Our mission is to promote technological education among women.


DISHA’s story



“I started learning Computer Science in 9th Grade and I was always extremely intimidated because everyone in my class was so much more experienced and better than I was.

However, I was lucky enough to attend AI4ALL during the summer between my 9th and 10th grade which allowed me to form a community of friends with the same interest as well as develop my skills.

Upon returning I, along with Girls in Tech team were eager on starting our own Hackathon – SHEHACKS which was at the Google office in 2019. Since then we have organised Python, ML workshops and worked with students.

Now, we are organising SHEHACKS once again but virtually for students all over the world. It is inspiring to see so many women involved but also motivating for us to continue the work we are doing.”

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