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Jessica’s story



«Hi, I’m Jessica (@itsjessicahua), a full-stack software engineer at Fidelity Investments.

I had bounced around several majors going through university before getting my bachelor’s in computer science. I was hesitant because I knew it was such a male-dominated field and my personality didn’t «fit the profile». It was hard being the only woman in the class and I didn’t want a career where I was alone.


It wasn’t until I started my first software engineering position that I met other women in tech with similar interests and hobbies that I really resonated with. I realized had I met people like this early on, I would have been less intimidated to pursue engineering.

For that reason, I started posting about engineering lifestyle on my IG and blog at in hopes that I can inspire other women to fuel their passion for technology.” – @itsjessicahua

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